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Criminal Activity Policy

Safety is a part of the mission of CHRC. We have a strong partnership with our residents, police department, service agencies, and the community. CHRC is serious about maintaining a safe and peaceful environment for our residents.

Residents must refrain from illegal and/or other activity that impairs the physical or social environment of our communities. Residents, any member of the resident's household, guest, or other persons on the premises as a direct result of the resident's tenancy, shall not engage in criminal or drug-related activity on or near CHRC property while the resident is in possession of the unit. Such activity shall be cause for immediate eviction (drug-related criminal activity is defined as manufacturing, selling, distributing, using, as well as simple possession of controlled substances or drug paraphernalia). Activity and/or convictions by any household member, shall be just cause for eviction, whether the activity occurred on CHRC property or elsewhere. Criminal activity guidelines for applicants are listed in the Admissions and Continued Occupancy Policy (ACOP), which is located at the CHRC Administration office.

In partnership with the Columbia Police Department, the CHRC has two on-site police sub-stations in the Creekside and Northridge Annex communities. These sub-stations are conveniently located within our apartments and conveniently meet the security needs of our residents.

The CHRC has recently instituted a ban policy that addresses issues concerning non-residents of CHRC, such as visitors or guests, who disturb the safety and peaceful enjoyment of our communities. The ban policy is an attempt to eliminate future disturbances on our property.

For available crime information in the area, please visit the City of Columbia, Tennessee.