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Past Projects

CHRC has completed the following Redevelopment Projects:

Home Again Program
The City of Columbia and the Advent Community Development Corporation (ACDC) have properties (vacant lots/lots with substandard structures) available for purchase to non-profit organizations, for-profit businesses, and private developers. These properties have been identified by the City for acquisition based on the necessity of blight removal, neighborhood redevelopment, and/or affordable housing opportunities. The final purchaser of the property will be required, in almost all cases, to either construct a new dwelling on the property or rehabilitate the existing structure.

ACDC will post a list of all available properties, with any restrictions, in the City of Columbia Development, City of Columbia, Columbia Housing and Redevelopment Corporation (CHRC), and ACDC offices and/or websites. All properties must be posted for a minimum of 30 days before the Home Again Property Improvement Program Committee will act on any application. Application forms to purchase properties are available in the Community Development office.

Developers must propose to construct new housing or rehabilitate the existing structure located on the parcel. The proposed reuse must comply with neighborhood zoning and the City of Columbia Planning Commission's In-Fill Housing Guidelines, as well as the Community Development Department's Rehabilitation Standards (in the case of rehab). Lead-Based Paint Regulations will apply to existing structures built prior to 1978. Local building codes will apply for both new construction and rehabilitation. Construction plans for properties on the National Register or zoned Historic under local overlay must be reviewed and approved by the Historic Zoning Commission. If a parcel is not buildable, applications for related residential use, such as combining with adjacent residential property or community gardens, will be considered.

For additional information on the Home Again Program project, please contact us